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Rotating Control Device – RCD

The rotating control device (RCD) is utilized for the enhancement of safety by creating a closed-loop drilling system that safely enables well bore fluid containment and pressure management in hazardous drilling environments.  RCDs come in various configurations and pressure ratings that can be properly selected dependent upon expected well conditions prior to deployment.  RCDs play an integral part into the successful implementation of any MPD application.  A sealing element is required to be installed in order to seal around the drill pipe or casing to create the closed-loop system.  These sealing elements can be made of natural rubber, nitrile, and urethane depending upon required fluid conditions and application.

RCDs come in multiple sizes and can be applied in onshore and offshore environments.  Among the various offerings are:

  • Low Pressure <500 psi
  • Mid Pressure <1000 psi
  • High Pressure < 3000 psi
  • Manual clamping mechanism
  • Remote clamping mechanism
  • Single sealing element
  • Dual sealing element

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