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IMPACCT MPD Control System

The Stasis IMPACCT™ MPD control system enables precise and automated control of the managed pressure drilling process, resulting in enhanced operational efficiency. The IMPACCT™ control system features a compact design and the processing power to automatically control multiple chokes to maintain constant bottom hole pressure, making it ideal for integration into rig systems or for use as a stand-alone service.

  • PLC Controller – monitors inputs simultaneously, adjusts choke to maintain optimal annular pressure, and maintains bottom hole pressure during MPD

  • HMI – monitors key drilling parameters in any condition and enables crew interaction with the driller during connections

  • Multiple Control Modes –

    • Position Control – Allows for choke position to be controlled directly by user

    • Setpoint Control – Automated control of surface back pressure by entering desired target pressure to be applied.

    • Automated Ramp Control – Automated control of surface back pressure by utilizing desired target pressure in correlation with current flow rate.

    • Trip Control – Automated control of surface back pressure during tripping events by entering desired target pressure during surge and swab operations.

  • Integrated Data Logger – Capture critical data for analysis, with ample storage capacity for long-term campaigns

Ruggedized Housing Design

  • 316 stainless steel enclosure

  • Built-in redundant uninterruptible power supply – system will operate without electrical power

Made in the USA


Technical Specifications

Control System Specifications

  • Area classification Class 1 DIV 2
  • Operator Type Electric Servo
  • Power requirements 480VAC, 30A
  • Operational Capacity Up to 3 Chokes
  • Data Transmission Protocol WITS
  • Operating Temperature 0° F to 131° F
  • Manufacturer Stasis Drilling Solutions

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